Techniques and structures of figure's phantomime. Conducted by Conti Valter and Garosi Daniela. Maximum 15 participants

Who is: users of all ages, preferably passionate and motivated to street theater.
Technical requirements to:
A space laboratory with the possibility of construction, packaging and assembly of textiles, plastics, paper and installation of music playback.

Internship program:

- The body-shape and the costume-sculpture

Training of mime through the use of "engines", "rhythm" carriers ", levels of energy" and expressions.
Elements of the grammar-moving form.
Construction of the work.

- The mask tool

Study of the body with the mask.
Technology mask and the rule of "three times".
The pace of the mask.

- The technique and the rithm of figure's pantomime

Structures mime-form improvisation.
"activation" and "arrest" of the movement. Rhythm, listening and intensity.
"Contrast" between two characters
- Objectives of the final laboratory:

Using the techniques and mechanisms of figure's pantomime in shows and / or thematic performance